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Dec 7, 2023

The Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report is your best resource for the Gulf Shores Surf Fishing Report, Orange Beach Fishing Report, Dauphin Island Fishing Report, Mobile Bay Fishing Report, and Alabama saltwater fishing everywhere in between.

For the anglers looking for a Gulf Shores surf Fishing Report, Gulf State Park pier fishing report, Orange Beach Fishing Report and Fort Morgan fishing report, look no further than the Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report. Every week we bring you an "onshore" report for those anglers interested in a gulf shores surf fishing report or a gulf shores pier fishing report. This week we're talking to Clifton Davis who is giving us the Alabama Fishing report all the way from the Flora Bama to Fort Morgan. Clifton has been having success with Sheepshead from land and we dive into how, when and where to have success right now with these delicious fun to catch fish! 

For our guys looking for the Dauphin Island inshore fishing report or the Orange Beach Inshore Fishing Report, Capt. Branden Collier has what you need to know to catch more speckled trout, redfish, and tripletail and how to catch each of these species in the area. The tactics and tips we discuss here each week can be applied to many areas when fishing Alabama's coast and other states along the Gulf of Mexico. Capt. Collier has been catching a lot of nice Speckled Trout, redfish and Sheepshead. He tells us what lures have been the ticket for Speckled Trout in the tidal rivers and tributaries. Branden gives us tips, tricks and tactics on how to be successful with your target species right now. 

For the Alabama Fishing Report offshore and the Gulf fishing report, tune in for this week's report with Capt. Adam Peeples. You never know what you might get in the offshore Gulf Fishing report each week. We cover nearshore fishing from Captain's running center consoles and fishing for red snapper, grouper, triggerfish, king mackerel, cobia, and more. When we head to blue water, we have contributions from some of the best Captain's on the tournament circuit and off who fish for tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, and billfish. We dive deep with Capt. Adam and cover everything you need to know about deep drop fishing. 


A Comprehensive Guide to Deep Dropping

What are the main targets when Deep Drop Fishing?

Deep Drop Fishing Techniques

  • What type of structure are you looking for?

    • How do you calibrate your bottom machine?

  • How do you handle Boat Positioning while Deep dropping?

  • What kind of baits work best? 

  • What about using jigs while Deep Dropping?


What kind of Deep Drop Rigs do you use?

  • Explain the Deep Drop Chicken Rig

  • Explain what you do for deep-drop grouper Rigs


Deep Drop Fishing Tackle

  • What do you use for Deep Drop Weight?

    • People are always looking for a cheaper option, have you ever tried using concrete or making your own weights with molds?


  • Do you use Deep Drop Lights? If so, what kind? 

  • What are your favorite Deep Drop Hooks and why?

  • What type of main line do you use and what type of leader do you typically go with?


What do you look for in a good Deep Drop Reel? 

  • There are lots of options available, what are the things in a reel that you look for? Retrieval rate, drag, line counter etc. 


What do you look for in a good Deep Drop Fishing Rod? 

  • Any particular brand(s) that you have had luck with?


Points to Consider in Deep Drop Charters

  • What time of the year is “best” for deep dropping and why?

  • How long of a trip will you need to have the best chance at success?

  • What questions should you ask a charter Captain?


What are some common mistakes you see people making when they are deep dropping? Any other tips that you can give our listeners that could save them some headaches?


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