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Feb 28, 2019

The Slick Lure | Lil Slick | EP52 | ASFR

We don’t have a fishing report this week, but we have an extraordinary interview to share. Joe, Butch, & Capt. Patric Garmeson sit down and talk with the inventor of the Slick & Lil Slick Lures, Capt. Joey Landreneau of In this special episode, you will hear the Slick & Lil Slick Lure’s origin story, why it was created, and at least 5 different ways you can fish with them. The Slick Lure has taken this area by storm, so listen close and learn some “top shelf” tips for these slow sinking jerk baits.

{Editor's Note:This show was recorded on location at the Mobile Boat Show.}


RESOURCES: - Buy the Slick & Lil Slick Lures here

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See Capt. Joey demonstrates how to rig the Slick



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