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May 31, 2018

Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report | EP13 | Redfish | Hank Shaw

The latest Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report brought to you in 20 minutes or less whether it's good, bad, or ugly. This week's Episode is brought to you by Geico Agent Ron Davis.

Butch is back in the studio today, but that isn't stopping us from putting on a great show. We've got a special guest in the form of Hank Shaw, from Hunter Angler Gardener Cook. You don't want to miss Hank's thoughts on the lowly (or not?) Bluefish. 

This weeks pier and shore report is brought to us by the Bama Beach Bum, Matthew Isbell. Matthew braved sub (par) tropical storm Alberto to give us a great beach fishing report. You don't want to miss Matthews tip on how to avoid the grass that is plaguing the beach's right now, it's all sponsored by Flora Bama Fishing Rodeo

For the inshore report this week, we're talking with the Marshall of the Mississippi sound, Capt. Bobby Abruscato of A-Team Fishing Adventures. Bobby' got a great tip this week, be sure to listen in for the scoop. Don't miss his inshore tip brought to you by Trotter Marine

And last but certainly not least, with Red Snapper Opening up June 1st, we've got Skipper Thierry from Captain Mikes Deep Sea Fishing. Skipper has a REAL report on what the storm did to the offshore species. And you certainly want to listen to see if you won the 2 person fishing trip that he is giving away!

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