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May 16, 2019

The Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report is your best resource for the Gulf Shores Fishing Report, Orange Beach Fishing Report, Dauphin Island Fishing Report, Mobile Bay Fishing Report, and everywhere in between. 
For our inshore guys looking for the Dauphin Island fishing report or the Orange Beach Inshore Fishing Report, Capt. Bobby Abruscato has what you need to know for the speckled trout and redfish bite. The tactics and tips we discuss here each week can be applied to many areas along the gulf coast. Bobby talks at length about what bait, rigging, and types of bottom you should be looking for right now. 
For the anglers looking for a Gulf Shores Fishing Report, Orange Beach Fishing Report and Fort Morgan fishing report, look no further than the Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report. Every week we bring you an "onshore" report for those anglers interested in a gulf shores surf fishing report or a gulf shores pier fishing report. This week we're talking The Bama Beach Bum Matthew Isbell and getting a great report for those anglers headed to the sand. The bite is a little dirty this week, find out what that means and how to catch the right fish in spite of it. 
For the Alabama Fishing Report offshore and the Gulf fishing report, tune in for this week's report with Capt. Skipper Thierry with Captain Mike's Deep Sea Fishing. Skipper clues us in on what's happening offshore with all this wind we're having and has an important safety reminder as we near snapper season. 
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