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Aug 17, 2023

Fishing in Paradise: Exploring Costa Rica's Crocodile Bay Resort

On this special episode of Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report, Butch and Joe take you on an extraordinary adventure to Costa Rica and share their excitement about their recent travels to the picturesque Crocodile Bay Resort. They dive deep into the world of fishing in Costa Rica, starting with an interview featuring fishing expert Diego Camacho. They discuss the thrilling pursuit of roosterfish, known for their strength and fighting abilities. They provide tips on fishing techniques, such as drifting live baits and using artificial lures like poppers and jigs. Transitioning from roosterfish to marlins, the hosts discuss the different fishing seasons in Costa Rica. They also explain that the rainy and dry seasons offer varied opportunities for catching fish, such as billfish. They highlight the excitement of the marlin season and recommend watching fishing reports and weather conditions.

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Their Crocodile Bay Resort host, Diego, shares Crocodile Bay’s recent acquisition of high-quality fishing kayaks and their plans to use them as a mothership for unique fishing experiences. They discuss the advantages of kayak fishing, such as accessing restricted areas and targeting different fish species. They express the joy of casting and using artificial baits while kayak fishing and reveal their strategy of transporting the kayaks to different fishing locations using their strike boats. The hosts emphasize their crew’s knowledge and experience from generations of local fishermen. They encourage other guests to immerse themselves in the fishing experience, including the opportunity to cook their own catch. The hosts provide information on tracking reports, the importance of checking in with Diego, and the value of their website at for newsletters and official fishing reports.

Butch and Joe conclude the episode by discussing the elusive Cubera Snappers, known for their difficulty to catch. They provide insights into the year-round fishing activities in Costa Rica and offer tips from their monthly fishing report and newsletter. They emphasize the helpfulness of the resort’s reservations department and the accommodations provided for seamless travel. They share their commitment to helping clients catch their bucket list fish and discuss unique fishing techniques involving dolphins and tuna. While not solely focused on fishing, Joe recounts his amazing experience with a zipline adventure and highlights the abundance of nature and various activities available in the area, including bird watching and exploring national parks. They stress that Crocodile Bay and Costa Rica are destinations suitable for family vacations, thanks to their diverse offerings and fantastic year-round weather.

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