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Feb 14, 2019

ASFR | ep50 | Feb11-17
The Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report is your best resource for timely reports related to Gulf Shores Fishing, Orange Beach Fishing, Dauphin Island Fishing, Mobile Bay Fishing, and every place that the Alabama Saltwater Fishing enthusiast wants to hear about. 
For the anglers looking for a gulf shores pier fishing report or surf report, look no further than the Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report. Every week we bring you an "onshore" report for those anglers interested in a gulf shores pier fishing report or an Alabama Fishing report from the Surf. This week we're talking to Matthew Isbell, The "Bama Beach Bum", and things are improving. Tune in to get the scoop. 
Next, For the Alabama Saltwater fishing nuts who love to frequent the tidal rivers, Capt. Richard Rutland brings us the gulf coast fishing report for Fowl River, Dog River, and all of the tidal rivers that influence Mobile Bay Fishing. If you're looking for a gulf coast fishing report, you've found the best resource if you fish brackish systems and tidally influenced river systems. The tactics and tips we discuss here each week can be applied to many areas along the gulf coast. 
For the orange beach fishing report offshore, this week we're talking to "The Coastal Connection" Angelo Depaola. Angelo dropped some amazing tuna fishing knowledge on us last week and he's back this week for an encore. Listen in to get the Orange beach fishing report offshore over to the Midnight Lumps off Louisiana. Angelo shares some hard earned knowledge. 
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